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Indoor Air Quality


Indoor Air Quality Testing

People spend most of their times indoors at work and at home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be 70 times more polluted that outdoor air. If you suspect that your indoor air could be polluted, such as a musty or moldy smell or people reporting health problems, get it tested. This will let you know what you and your coworkers are breathing and whether it needs correction.

Mold Remediation

Did you know? Mold can start its growth cycle in as little as 24 hours?

The awareness of potential harmful health effects associated with many molds is growing. Additionally, mold can eventually damage the materials it gnaws on causing damage to a building and / or its contents. Where there is mold, there is moisture. We will act quickly to identify and correct the source and remediate the structure and contents.

HVAC & Duct Cleaning

HVAC & duct cleaning and decontamination is needed in most cases when a building has been flooded, has significant water damage, or has mold. Mold sports are everywhere. When introduced to moisture, mold starts to grow. When this cycle starts inside in your HVAC and ducting system, it will spread mold spores through the entire building causing potential health problems. Cleaning the system will prevent this from happening.

Has it been a while since you cleaned you system? The HVAC supplies fresh air throughout your building. If dust has built up in your system, it can cause a lower level of air flow causing the system to not run efficiently.

Microbial Clean Up

Sewage back up and flood waters can leave a building extremely unsanitary, contaminating the structure and its contents with bacteria, fungi, and viruses. We offer structural and contents cleaning and provide antimicrobial treatments to retard and kill microbial growth. The Drying Team, Inc. will leave the structure cleaner upon completion than it was before the damage occurred.

We are at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you. Whether it’s midnight on Saturday or Christmas Day, where there is an emergency, we will respond.


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