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Full Service Subcontract Restoration & Remediation Services

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Why Partner with Us?

Whether you are a small local restoration company or a large nationwide franchise, The Drying Team can customize services to meet your and your client’s needs. As a wholesale commercial loss subcontractor, you can immediately take on larger projects without interrupting your everyday workflow, adding overhead, or additional equipment costs all while profiting more than a general referral fee. 

Instantly increase your capability and marketability in your service area or nationwide with The Drying Team as your partner. Equipment rental is also available. Several finance options are available including no paying us until you get paid on the project. As us how you can qualify for this today!


We Work For You As You

The Drying Team provides a full range of innovative subcontract restoration and remediation services while maintaining the highest level of customer service and professionalism with guaranteed results. The Drying Team has the manpower, equipment, knowledge, training, and network that has enabled us to become one of the largest commercial emergency loss subcontractor vendors in North America. Our services and equipment are available anywhere they are needed, at any time for you.