Commercial Drying

The Drying Team provides dehumidification for all types of commercial and industrial losses including, but not limited to, mansions, banks, department stores, factories, warehouses, schools, universities, hotels, office complexes, courthouses, libraries, hospitals, and medical centers. Our team of professionals will coordinate, manage, and provide any and all labor, tools, equipment, and supplies necessary to return the structure and its contents to pre-loss moisture levels.


Water Extraction/Dehumidification

When water damage occurs, water molecules spread. It “soaks” or wicks up into porous walls, framing insulation, furniture. etc.. and gravity pulls it into lower levels as well. That’s why a quick response is a must! Water damage needs immediate attention in order to preserve, protect, and secure the property from further and secondary damage.

Humidity Control

Humidity Control is a must to prevent structural damage and to protect your health. Secondary and humidity absorption damage will occur if the relative humidity is beyond 60% inside the building.

Dehumidification equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. The Desiccant is the larger unit, mainly used for industrial buildings with large building space. The LGR is the small, portable solution, used in many different applications.
Fungi, mold and mildew will occur if humidity and moisture content is not controlled.

Temporary Temperature Control

Don’t let heat / air failure be the reason your business can’t operate. We can keep you warm or cool until your heat and air problem is solved.

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